Thermal Imaging

thermal imaging

Prevent Heat Loss With Thermal Imaging Services

Trying to determine thermal loss, moisture intrusion and equipment failures through visual inspections can be costly, time-consuming and unreliable. 

Trust Pella Roofing & Insulation to use the latest thermal imaging technology that will assess where heat and cold are escaping from and help you control them. 

Detect Heating and Cooling Issues With Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging can be used for
  • Infrared scans
  • Leak detection on roofs
  • Checking for thermal shorts in roofs, ceilings and walls
Using thermal imaging, our technicians can accurately identify existing faults with your electrical installations and help you avoid an increase in your energy costs.
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 If you suspect that there may be a problem with your heating and cooling, call us for a thermal inspection. 

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